Restaurant Prikka serves lunch on weekdays between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. The days are announced separately.

Prikka’s lunch menu is a three course menu with a starter, three main course choices and a dessert. Main course options are meat, fish/chicken and vegetarian dish. We arrange buffet lunches at our restaurant occasionally.

You can book your table via our table reservation system.

Please, reserve at least one hour for enjoying your lunch at Prikka.


  • Three course lunch (starter, main course, dessert) 14€
  • Two course lunch (main coures + starter or dessert) 12€
  • One course lunch (main course) 10€

The price of lunch for  SeAMK students is

  • Three course lunch (starter, main course, dessert) 10€
  • Two course lunch (main course + starter or dessert) 8€
  • One course lunch (main course) 6€

We reserve the right to change our menus and prices.

Menu Tuesday 20.2.



Piece of mushroom pie (LF, available GF)

Piece of ham pie (LF, available GF)

 Bun (DF, GF)



Herb cod with lemon sauce and thyme seasoned oven vegetables (LF, GF)

 Broad bean balls with creamy vegetable sauce and thyme seasoned oven vegetables (GF, available V)

 Porkchop with honey gremolata and thyme seasoned oven vegetables (LF, GF, DF) 



Swiss potato pancakes (DF, GF)

Beetroot puree  (LF, GF)

Sweet potato cubes (LF, GF)



Raspberry – white chocolate dream  (LF, GF)

Springlike mango-strawberry cup (LF, GF)

Menu Wednesday 21.2.



Vegetable coconut soup with crispy shallots (GF, V)

Toast skagen with shrimps on a bed of lettuce (LF)

Baguette (LF, available GF)



Mozzarella chicken, potato skewers and marinara sauce (LF, GF)

Quinoa steaks with potato skewers and tzatziki sauce (V)

Harissa salmon with herb couscous and dill yoghurt sauce (LG, GF)



Creamy brusselsprouts (LF, GF)

Eggplant from the grill (GF, V)

Peach Salsa (GF, V)



Chocolate mousse cake with roasted pecans and whipped cream (LF)

Citrus pavlova with strawberry lemon curd (LF, GF)