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Restaurant Prikka serves lunch on weekdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The days are announced separately.

Prikka´s lunch menu is a three course menu with a starter, three main course choices and a dessert. Main course options are meat, fish/chicken and vegetarian dish. We arrange buffet lunches at our restaurant occasionally. 

We prefer online table reservation, Please, reserve at least one hour for enjoying your lunch at Prikka.



Lunch 23.1.


Soft cauliflower soup with roasted cashew nuts (L, G)
Cold smoked beef rolls with salad and red-white striped beet (L, available G)

Finnish archipelago bread (L, M, available G)


Pork minute steak with Béarnaise sauce (L, G)
Saltimbocca with gravy (L, G)
Fried salmon with kale pesto and lemon sauce (L, G)
Halloumi-vegetable patties with sweet chili-yoghurt sauce (L, G)

Accompaniments: potato purée (L, G), bulgur or French fries (L, M)
Dishes include oven vegetables (sweet pepper, carrot and broccoli) (L, G, M)


Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate or caramel sauce (L, G)
Orange panna cotta with strawberry sorbet (L, G)









Three course lunch 12 €
Two course lunch 10 €
One course lunch 8 €
The price of lunch for SeUAS students will be 8€

**We reserve the right to change our menus and prices.


Welcome to enjoy a delicious lunch at Restaurant Prikka!